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Why does my hair stop growing?

Why does my hair stop growing?

May 31, 2022

Ako Stark

Are your hair growth efforts not providing you with the results you’re looking for? Have you tried numerous treatments that promised healthy and natural hair growth only for your follicles to regress and, or not grow at all? There are those who can not receive a haircut for long periods of time and see that their hair hasn't gained any length. Not only has our team experienced many of these frustrations, but we’ve made it our mission to supply those who are phallically challenged with a natural and healthy solution to getting the full-bodied head of hair we desire.

Let’s first take a look into some common factors that are most likely causing your hair not to grow. After which, we will provide you with our team's secret approach to cultivating a head of healthy locks.

Hair Growth Preventers

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Brittle Hair

About every month on average everyone’s hair generally grows up to ½” or ¾” of an inch. In the span of a full year, many of us will observe a full 5 or 6 inches of hair, given that you haven't received a trim or haircut. However, for those chasing the Hollywood head of hair, some hair treatments will actually weaken your hair, making each strand flimsy and easy to damage. As a result, hair will begin to break or even fall off due to its weakened integrity. Moreover, these shedding hairs are counteracting the average hair growth as you begin to lose the hair length you are growing. Here are a few factors you should consider as to why your hair does not seem to be growing.

Over Treating

There are a few culprits to damaged hair and those can be, hair dying, hair straightening, curling, highlights, or anything of the sort, introducing high levels of heat or chemicals of any kind can and will most likely take away the natural coating of oils causing damage to each strand and weakened integrity. As a result, you can observe the general health of your hair by its fizziness, its general reluctance to lay down on your head, and or dry brittle textures. Healthy hair on the other hand will lay down flat and often provide some type of sleek shiny aurora. Over-treating your hair can and will put you to the point of having to shave your head if you are not careful, but that’s the worst news, we will be looking at our solution to revive any damaged hair you have momentarily. But first, let's take a look more in-depth at how each type of treatment affects your hair.

Heat Styling

Heat styling damage can be observed each and every time you notice a hot sizzle or simmer when you introduce a heat tool to your hair. This reaction essentially burns away your hair's natural and healthy oils protecting them from the elements. If you think that you may have overstayed your hair using heating methods it is important to space your treatments up to 2 weeks and be sure to use a rejuvenating oil to replace the lushness your hair has lost.

Vigorous Styling

Sometimes heat may not be the entire culprit of damaged hair. How you treat your hair with your own hands may also contribute heavily to decreasing your hair's integrity. Vigorously finger combing with gel or over fixing your hair can contribute to weak follicles and cause damage to follicle structure.

Split End Damage

Split ends are the bane of healthy hair. Split ends more literally named than ambiguous, are when the ends of your hair literally split into multiple sections. This is most likely caused by malnourished hair. Eventually, split ends can lead to heavy damage when the splits themselves climb all the way to the root or somewhere of equal detriment to the strand. When this happens you'll notice a lighter, frizzier, and brittle head of hair. Split ends are a massive contributor to why your hair is not growing.

Also note, it is virtually impossible to counteract split ends. Once your follicles start splitting the only way to prevent the damage to come is to just cut it off completely.

In order to prevent a y split -ends in your future, be sure to not over-treat your hair via heating tools, or vigorously manipulate your hair with gel and other hair products. Also, keep dying your hair to a minimum. Moreover, seek to air dry your hair by softly pressing wet hair with a towel and then letting it dry in the wind. Also, brushing your hair should be gentle and from the bottom-top when you’re detangling.

Genetic Predisposition

Overall, natural hair quality has a lot to do with your genetic predisposition. In other words, your genetics has a hand in how your hair handles itself. Let’s say you are not big into styling with hot tools, dying, or gels, yet still don’t have the hair quality you desire, it’s mostly due to your genetics. That being said, don't worry, there are a plethora of hair treatments for all types of hair to reach the highest potential for your follicles. Also, note that the maximum length of your hair is fully unique to you. Everyone has their own hair growth cycle for every strand on their head. Every strand of hair is fully at the mercy of what is in your genetics to reach maximum length. Once a strand approaches the maximum length determined by your genetics it will not grow any longer, no matter what you do.


Similarly, there is another aspect generally outside of your control that can impact your hair, and that is your Age. If you go through life properly nourishing your hair and keeping any damaging style treatments to a minimum, it’s pretty safe to say your hair will keep its lushness and volume throughout your life. Moreover, as you progressively get older your scalp begins to produce less and fewer amounts of oil used to coat and protect your hair's integrity. As you age it is highly recommended for healthy hair that you massage your scalp for a minimum of ten minutes a day to help keep oil secretions high to the roots and encourage hair growth. Keep in mind the dryer your hair becomes as you age the more prone to split ends it becomes and will eventually lead to severe hair loss.


As you may know as an experienced cosmetic researcher, you will know that the type of nutrients you eat has a play into many different aspects of the body. Some foods can provide you with a glow as you’ve walked out of a golden pool, other foods can cause you to break out with acne or dry your skin. Hair is also in favor of what food you consume. Keeping a diet that consists of a healthy amount of vitamins and minerals will cause your hair to automatically and sometimes overnight retain its quality or even progress to a healthy state.

An optimal diet for healthy hair will see adequate amounts of iron, Vitamin D, B-complex, and zinc. Foods that supply the body with healthy amounts of Iron can be eggs, chicken, and spinach. For Vitamin D eat salmon, mushrooms and healthy doses of sunlight every day. For B-complex, you're going to want to ingest healthy amounts of avocados, legumes, and whole grains. If you need Zinc to ingest, lamb, turkey, pumpkin seed as well.

Clean Your Scalp

Keep in mind if you're having any problems with your hair you will need to direct your attention to the scalp immediately. Don’t get distracted by the hair, your scalp is what will produce new and healthy hair for you to grow and style in the future. It can start in the shower. Make sure whenever you decide to take shampoo or wash your hair you are thoroughly cleaning your scalp as this will get rid of any oily buildup preventing your hair from receiving fresh nutrients and ultimately keeping your hair alive and healthy.

Once the roots of your hair get clogged your hair will inevitably begin to deteriorate in quality. The roots themselves will lose virtually all access to the nutrients keeping it, and will eventually begin to fall out, this can be noticed if you're losing massive amounts of hair at any given time. While we all, on average, lose a few hundred hairs a day, the blockage of the roots will contribute to the thinning of the hair before it goes to the wind. A staple in the industry for preventing root blockages is to check if the current hair products you use contain silicones. Silicones are terrible for your hair in any quantity and it is highly recommended for you to toss them out of your stock effective immediately.

Popular options to clean your scalp include the uses of shampoos and conditioners (without silicones) that contain any levels of aloe vera, charcoal, or natural oils. The charcoal will also soak up any existing dandruff on the scalp and will prevent a dusty scalp.

No Haircare Routine

Imagine you’ve just come home to shower after a long day's work. You turn up the water temperature high and almost within a minute apply shampoo and conditioner, quickly rinse, and towel dries your follicles afterward. It’s probably not so hard to picture yourself doing this, but did you know these small details are detrimental to the growth of your hair, and will likely contribute to weakened strands and breaking follicles? Indeed they will.

Here are some professional hair care tips you can add to your next nightly routine.


Did you know? After taking a nice hot shower and getting out while your hair is drenched and then applying a brush to it will cause you to generate split ends in your follicles. Welp, it’s true, instead, give your hair a nice brushing session before you hop into the shower. This will detangle your hair before it gets wet and will leave your hair noticeable gentler after finishing. Remember, Always air dry your hair.

Over Exposure to Heat

Overexposure to hot temperatures will weaken your hair forming brittle strands that are likely to fall out and break. It is suggested that while your hair is in contact with the steady flow of water you turn it down to a more modest level of heat and also finish off the rinse with a cooler temperature of water to capture moisture into your locks. Even after one shower applying this practice you will see a difference in how your hair sits and feels on your head.

High Hydration Levels

Pro-tip, while you are in the shower and after shampooing your hair, go ahead and try to leave your conditioner in without rinsing for a few minutes extra. Be sure to focus your application of the product towards the critical areas, the mid shafts to the ends, and make sure your hair is evenly distributed. This will ultimately leave your hair looking shinier and feeling healthier even after the first go!

Always Air Dry

Do not, do not, do not ever towel dry your hair. Taking the scratchy and rough texture of a towel to your wet vulnerable hair is a one-way ticket to split-end city. Whenever you get out of the shower with your hair soaking wet, take a towel and gently press down to absorb and collect excess amounts of water. Then you're done. Simply leave your hair out to dry in the wind.

You will notice a severe change in how your hair looks and behaves after a few rounds of healthy air drying.

Preserve Quality

The best way to preserve your hair’s quality so it doesn’t deteriorate before your eyes is to apply natural oils to damp hair after drying. Our hair oil can be quickly absorbed into the scalp and roots of your hair meaning you won’t have to worry about oversaturating drips or slimy hair. The oil will act to re-hydrate, moisturizing the roots and the scalp ensuring your hair receives the maximum amount of nutrients at all times. The softer your hair becomes the easier it is to style and maintain, our hair oil is highly recommended for those suffering from dry brittle hair and applies as directed for fast results.

Whenever you apply any kind of dry heat to your hair via hair straightening for example, always be sure to apply some sort of heat protector in the form of a bottle to your hair. This will protect your hair from the harsh sudden temperatures that it will undergo from the heat styling tool.

Last Resort?

If you find yourself not having anything like generating thick and healthy hair, you can always consult your trusted Doctor to point you in the right direction. Hair is a science and don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise. From nutritional vitamins and minerals cultivating a healthy head of hair can be equal to a lifelong chemistry experiment. Sometimes professional medical help is the right way to go. Some things your doctor can do is to recommend supplements or prescriptions that can get your nutritional imbalances back on the right track. Also, if you’ve tried everything in the book to make sure you're taking the utmost care for your hair, seeing a doctor can help you understand why your hair isn’t growing the way you’d like it to, in some cases a medical condition is present like alopecia or anemic scalps.


In conclusion, my lovely hair lovers. Treating your hair follicles and scalps comes down to a few very important things. Make sure you are not over-treating or styling your hair to the point of brittle, breakable hair. One of the most important aspects of how you can help achieve your hair growth goals has to do with keeping your hair protected at all times. This implies fixing your healthy hair routine and making sure you are not using products that are silicone-based that can and will damage your hair. Make sure you massage your scalp to release and unclog oils that your roots can access to not only health themselves but to keep that shine glowing through the years.

Additionally, maintaining a healthy diet as what you eat plays a phenomenally huge part in hair growth and hair quality, so stay away from all manner of junk food that is physically possible. Eat healthy, vitamin-rich, and mineral-rich foods to keep nutrients flowing from the body to your hair.

Additionally, if there is one thing you should take away from this in-depth look into maintaining healthy hair, it is to never towel dry your locks. As this is and always will be a one-way ticket to split the city in which case the damage is and will remain irreversible.

When in doubt after trying all the things listed above to get your hair to celebrity quality, you should think about consulting your nearest and most trusted doctor as there may be underlying symptoms or diagnoses of something more severe happening.

If you are interested in getting healthy and natural hair growth oils containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals necessary check out our own Hair oil and apply as directed. Let us know how it turns out!